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New task: find the information; it’s your turn Emerald

The morning finally came and mews were ready more than ever to face a new day. They were all gathered in the café waiting for the aliens to arrive. Soon Ryou came with Hugame, they both had a lack of sleep, it was clearly written on their faces that they were tired, but still somehow better. It looked like Ryou managed to push over part of Hugame’s pain and keep her strong enough to function.

He and Hugame were awake but not the whole night, after she fell asleep he didn’t need a lot of time to finish the teleporter, he woke her up just like he promised and then she summoned her crystal ball.

“Well Hugame-onechan looks a little better today.”

“I’am Pudding, I was able to see how my daughter is doing, her body is strong and if we hurry and find these monsters we will be able to save her and the rest.”

“That is great, too bad that I can’t stay, but I promised that I will return as soon as possible.” Samia said.

“Well don’t worry we will tell you all about our fight when we return home.” Emerald said.

“You are staying?” Kisshu asked.

“Oh yea I have to save Tem and I need some time with my dude, after all I miss spending some time with him.” She said hugging Kisshu.

“Great a second Kisshu just what we needed in a time like this.” Taruto mumbled pouting.

“What was that Taruto?” Kisshu and Emerald asked at the same time looking at him with a deadly glare.

“Nothing…”He said fast. Thad made Hugame giggle; it reminded her of the old days when they lived in terrible conditions but still had time for a laugh.

“Guys I have some news you might not like.” Ryou said.

“What is it Shirogane?” Ichigo asked.

“Well I found out that the blessed have returned to Earth and I also found out how to get more information about them. You see that guy Vampire is a player. He goes on dates with a lot of girls and then he tells them some crazy stories after he gets drunk. We can get information from him if one of you goes on a date with him.” Ryou explained

“Are you crazy Shirogane?!” Ichigo yelled. ‘There is no way that any of us will go with him on a date, not to mention that he already knows our faces, how do you expect any of us to do it???”

“Well I thought about that. We might use those things that the aliens use to disguise themselves on one of you. If we do that we might be able to get all the necessary information to win.”

“I’m afraid that that plan won’t work. You see these jewels are only capable of covering our ears and eye’s pupils. It can’t hide our faces.” Emerald said.

“That is true but what if we use it on an alien girl and dress her up good enough to seduce Vampire we might succeed. This is actually our only chance. We don’t have enough time.” Said Ryou.

“Ok that sounds crazy, but good. The only problem is the girl. There is no earthling who will do something like that and we still can’t turn on the teleporter cus it needs to recharge.” Pai said with his  crossed arms.

“Don’t count on me please I can’t walk rightly since my leg was shot two days ago.” Samia said rising her hand.

“Ok well that is a problem. “ Ryou now looked at the ceiling disappointed in his plan.

“Well maybe we can dress up one of you guys as a girl.” Ichigo teased.

“Actually it’s a good idea.” Hugame said.

“WHAT!!!” Kisshu, Pai and Taruto shouted.

“Why don’t you do the role Hugame, you are a girl and a good looking one?” Taruto said.

“Well first I’m older than him, second I have a kid and third I’M MARRIED!!!!” She shouted in his face.

“So what WE ARE GUYS NOT GAYS!!!!”

“Ok, ok, calm down, we just need to find someone to do the job.” Ichigo tried to calm the now pissed off aliens. When they calmed she turned towards Ryou again. “Well Shirogane maybe if you find out what kind of girls he likes this task will become easier at least.” Ichigo said.

“Ok I have his description of his perfect girl. Ahem it says: Red hair, green or blue eyes, big boobs,…”He paused a little because of the girls.” Nice body, funny, adventurous spirit? That’s odd. Ok and the girl who likes red cake and hates modern vampire movies? What kind of idiot is this?” He said reading the list like it doesn’t make any sense.

“Don’t know but it sounds like a guy who knows what he wants.” Emerald said. “Well at least we know what he wants.”

“Ok let’s all think who we know that is close to that description.” Zakuro said and everybody got serious looks on their faces.

They were all thinking trying to remember someone who would do such a dangerous mission, or who would at least believe in their story. It was silence all over the café, the only sound was them scratching their hairs or some other parts of their bodies.

“I got nothing.” Ryou said.

“Me either.” Everyone added.

“Is it possible that we don’t know any red hared girl except Ichigo?” Kisshu said.

“Yea her and Emerald.” Taruto said and there was silence again.

“What? Guys why are you all staring at me?” Emerald asked little scared. “No, no, no, no, no. No way that I would do something like that. I mean Kisshu is more feminine than me.”

“Well she’s got a point there.” Taruto said.

“But we need you Emerald-san, you are the only one.” Lettuce took Emerald’s hands in hers pleading.

“Yeah and you are the only one that Vampire won’t recognize.” Ichigo said.

“I’M NOT LETTING YOU PUT A DRESS OR MKEUP ON ANY PART OF THIS BODY!!!!!!” She yelled so loudly that the others literally fell from her yell.

“Don’t worry it won’t be that bad.” Mint said.

“But I never wore a dress, not to mention that more than half the people that I know still think that I’m a guy. And besides that I don’t have big boobs.” She said pouting.

“Oh yeah you never got that part of the body. “ Taruto teased. “Looks like puberty never got to you.”

“Why you little…” She took him by his collar and threw him to the other part of the room; he landed by hitting the wall. She was panting like she just ran a whole marathon.

“Calm down here on Earth we have our ways to hide the size of our breasts and to show our bodies in the best ways.” Zakuro said. “We just need to dress you up good enough.”

“Maybe that rainbow stone can help.” Mint teased with an evil smirk.

“I don’t think that stone of hers would help her.” Taruto said touching his bump.

“You want another fast fly trip across the room?” Emerald asked with calm dead glare.


“Don’t worry Emerald it won’t be that bad, besides you are doing this for Tem, I wear this costume during Christmas for Ichigo.” Kisshu said showing his reindeer costume that he had to wear during Christmas days. “You are the one who said that if you care about someone you are ready to do the most stupid and humiliating things in your life.” He put his hands on her shoulders and made her look strongly in his eyes. “This is your chance to show how much you are ready to sacrifice yourself for him.” He was serious and calm. This was one of his secret sides, or at least sides that he wasn’t showing very often. His determined look inspired Emerald to do it.

“Ok.” She nodded with her determined look. “I’ll do it, for Tem. He deserves that.”

“Good now we better start we have a lot of jobs to do.” Zakuro said pulling Emerald by the collar to the dressing room. “By the way when and where is the date?”

“Today at 20:00 in this restaurant.” He gave her a visit card of one restaurant.

“I know this place, it’s really expensive. Mint you will teach her how to act, others will help me with her makeup.”

The Boys and Hugame were sitting in the café. Taruto and Kisshu were bored while Pai, Keiichiro and Ryou were working on their laptop. They were looking for any solution on how to defeat the enemy and how to use Hugame’s and Emerald’s power to attack.

From the dressing room screams were coming. Like somebody was being tortured. Kisshu was covered in sweat for some reason. “Guys I don’t know what they are doing to her but I can feel it is not pleasant.”  The others just gave him a dumb look with sweat drops.

“Seriously somebody will think that we are torturing her.” Taruto said. “She is one of the greatest warriors on our planet, she survived an earthquake, poison, bite of dragons, but she can’t stand a little make up!”

“Let’s see you having this…” The voice came from the dressing room.

“Well at least she’s alive.” Pai said in calmed voice not paying attention to others.

Two hours later the others were waiting for Emerald to be done.  A Few times Lettuce and Ichigo went out to buy what they needed including a perfect dress. Keiichiro, Ryou and Hugame went to the basement to do some more searching on the others blessed. But they didn’t find a lot on them; it was like these guys came from nowhere. There was no answer, no solution, no end, nothing. Only a great hole that they needed to fix. They needed to defeat this enemy or else who knows what they would do.

They knew that the enemy wants to destroy both races, but they were wandering do they have some special weapon like Deep Blue had, or they are already giving their best.

Ryou was especially concerned about Great Green. He didn’t show his power yet, and knowing how strong Deep Blue was, Ryou had a good reason to be scared. Last time Ichigo defeated Deep Blue because of Masaya’s help, but now there was no one who can help. Great Green just didn’t have any weakness.

“Why did Deep Blue need a host?” He asked out loud.

“Huh?” Hugame looked at him a little confused. “What are you talking about?”

“Deep Blue used Ichigo’s boyfriend Masaya to be his host and we managed to win then, but Great Green doesn’t have a host? Why are they so different?”

“I don’t know.”

“What can you tell me about Deep Blue?”

“Well I know that our people were celebrating him like a God for a long time now. He was our savior for more than a thousand years, I don’t know where it started but it was a long time ago. Legend said that when we were most desperate the great blue light appeared and gave us hope. He was telling us about the beautiful Earth and the humans who were destroying her. He told us that we needed to kill them all so we could have our “promised planet”. We were so happy to know that there was a hope in our future. He gave us a way to go to Earth, he was our leader and he chose our best warriors to bring us here. I still can remember the day when he choose Kisshu and Emerald to be the first two who would come here, we were full of hope and happiness, but then Emerald’s illness went bad. Deep Blue told us that the earth has plants that can cure us and if we hurry they will be able to save everyone. He also told us everything about mew aqua.

I remember that at first he was still a light, and then Kisshu told me that he began to regain his body using mew aqua. But I’m not sure how actually he was connected with the human boy. There must be some story behind it.”

“Yes, Ichigo once told me that Masaya was adopted, so I checked his past, but just like these guys I found nothing.”

“Maybe Masaya is one of them, but without psychic powers.”

“Maybe, but he lost all his powers when Deep Blue left. So that theory might be wrong.”

“This is so complicated…” Hugame said with tired eyes. “I just want my baby back, nothing more.”

“Don’t worry miss Hugame everything will be fine.” Keiichiro said with his sweet smile.

“Thank you Akasaka-kun.” They were looking at each other in the eyes with their smiles. Hugame knew it right then he was her star twin that was the reason why she felt so good near him. He took care of Ryou just like she took care of Kisshu and others. They were both helping their beloved ones to get stronger.

“Yo you two I don’t get what’s going on between you but we are stuck in one spot. We need to focus and make a tracking device that will record everything that Vampire says to Emerald.”

“We don’t need to. You see we and other humans remember everything just some memories are in the back part of our brain so we can’t get them. But even if Emerald forgets something I can search her memories and get all the information, even those that she forgot. Having a tracking device might get in the way. We must trust her on this.”

‘You think she can’t do it?” He asked.

“No.” She said with a disappointing look on her face. “She will probably mess this thing up. But we will be able to track her on my crystal ball. With that I can even use my telepathic powers on her.”

“What kind of powers do you have?” Keiichiro asked.

“Well I can read minds and use telepathy on some people, but I can’t use my powers to attack like Emerald can. I also can’t fly.”

“Oh so that is a difference between you and others. What about Emerald?”

“Well her powers are similar to those that blessed ones have -a power to stop brain from working in few seconds. But she can’t teleport. She also has weak telekinesis. It can’t be of much help right now.”

“So that is it. I guess we will need all of that to destroy our enemy, but can you guys at least defend us from their attacks?”

“Yes we will be able to do that, but that can be dangerous for us. If our body is not strong enough to take the hit we might die.”

“Damn.” Ryou mumbled. “We need to stop them before they get even stronger.”

Upstairs in the café Pai was watching Kisshu and Taruto, he was there to make sure they wouldn’t try to peek into the dressing room, or do something else stupid. This was humiliating for him; he had to watch them like they were two years old, instead of being in the basement and doing research with the others. How did I get myself into this mess? He took a deep breath of disappointment while Kisshu and Taruto were fighting about god knows what. He stopped paying attention to them a half hour ago. He just wanted to get out of here and go to the basement. “What are those girls doing up there?” He asked silently but angry. “How much time is needed to dress up one girl?”

“In Emerald’s case a whole year I would say.” Taruto said floating around Pai, Kisshu was doing the same thing.” Man I’m bored…”

Pai’s eye twitched and his hand was shaking he didn’t know how much longer he could take these two. He was losing his patience with his two younger brothers.  God they weren’t this annoying while we were here last time.

Suddenly from the dressing room came one loud scream. It was Emerald’s. The doors opened a little and Buffy came from there flying faster than ever in his life, and Masha was chasing him. “Not run away, not run away!!!” She tweeted chasing him.

The Boys were watching the scene really confused until those two little bugs began to chase around them. Buffy was flying around Pai and Masha was rushing toward him, but when she was close Buffy suddenly changed his course and Masha crashed into Taruto’s head.  “Watch out you annoying bug!!!” Tarruto yelled when he lost his balance during his levitating.

“Wow what’s wrong with the red one?” Kisshu asked when Buffy landed on his shoulder looking for protection.

“Kisshu give that damn bug here!!!!” Ichigo screamed coming from the dressing room, she had fire in her eyes, messed up hair and she was panting.  “That little son of a bitch is going to pay! When I get you I’ll make a biology experiment out of you!!!!” She said furious.

“Calm down koneko-chan…” Kisshu was shaking from fear he never saw Ichigo this angry before.

“Calm down?! That little thing destroyed my clothes I don’t have anything to change into, how will I go home? ”

“Great job little one, I need you to be my partner, I must get one of those.” He teased until he realized how much Ichigo really was pissed off. “Ok I know he destroyed your clothes, but he must have had a good reason. He doesn’t like to see Emerald in pain, and you guys were torturing her in there two hours now.” He put his hands in front of him trying to defend himself from the furious cat-girl.

“Yea well you see only her body and heart are female. Other than that you three guys are more feminine than her.’

“Well looks like you’ll have to find another person to do the job.” Pai said not amused with the situation.

“No, there won’t be any need for that. Mint taught her the most important moves and how to speak properly. Zakuro and Lettuce put on her make-up now we only need a dress. We used a few of them but every dress needed appropriate make up. So now there is only one dress left and then we will put final make up on and she will be done.”

“Finally…” All three said in unison.

“Hey guys what happened what was that noise?” Hugame asked coming from the basement with Ryou and Keiichiro.

“Nothing, we are almost done with preparing Emerald. Let’s all wait here a few more minutes.” Ichigo said.


A Few minutes later Mint came out from the dressing room. “Ok everyone, she is ready.”  Soon everybody including the mews were standing in front of the changing room waiting for Emerald to come out.

The door opened and she stepped out. Everybody eyes widened. She was dressed in a long dark green dress that was on one shoulder and it was following the line of her body to the hips. Her face had a little make-up, her pale complexion was actually good on her, and she only had a little mascara, lipstick and green eyeshade on. Her long hair was finally out of her helmet, it was long and curly. She looked amazing.

Pai and Taruto were staring like they saw something unnatural and Hugame was smiling nervously.

“Well what do you think?” Emerald asked blushing.

“A-aa-aaa-aaa.” KIsshu was just pointing his finger not being able to say anything.

“Kisshu are you ok?” Ichigo asked and then he just fell on the floor. “Kisshu?”

“Oy Kisshu are you ok?” Taruto asked slapping him on the face.

“Em-Em-Emerald is …”

“Man he really didn’t take this good.” Taruto said letting him go and crossing his hands.

“…A GIRL!!!!” Kisshu finally finished his sentence.

“Of course she’s a girl, you are the one who knew it the best, and you were her friend from the day you were born!” Hugame yelled in his face.

“I know but- but this is so much to me… I mean she is a girl but not a girly girl.”

“Your words don’t make sense.”

“Kisshu I get you, I look like some kind of idiot. This make-up is uncomfortable, this dress is so weird, and these shoes are killing me.”

“Yea it is Emerald all right.” Pai said. “I thought you made a clone.”

“Shut up Pai, I look like a green mushroom that is upside down.”

“Emerald don’t scream, and don’t pout, you must act like a lady.” Mint hit her with a fan. “Put your legs together, stay straight and give us a nice smile.”

“Kisshu help please…”

“”I’m still in shock.”
“When I get you, you will be in a coma! Get me out of this!!!”

“Don’t yell!” Another hit by Mint. ”We have two more hours to practice your walk and your eating habits. Akasaka bring us one cake and a few different glasses. I want to give her a fast course of human Boonton.”

“C’mon you don’t have to do that, Hugame will follow all my steps by her crystal ball.”
“Maybe but you still need some experience. I remember that Rua and Ruka told me that you are not really a polite or lady-like girl.”

“Of course I’m not I don’t like that stuff.”

“Well then don’t be angry for not having a boyfriend.”

“Why you little blue panda bitch.”
“Watch your tongue.” She hit her again.

“Easy with your hits Mint, we will have to do her hair all over again.” Zakuro said.

“OOps sorry one-sama.”

Another two hours more passed, all that time Emerald had to learn how to eat and how to drink, how to sit and how to walk. It was a hard task for both sides. Mint was losing her patience and Emerald was stubborn and annoyed with all those rules. It was so much easier to live a life as a free alien warrior. She could do whatever she wanted however she wanted, these humans’ rules were just stupid and boring. Now she definitely knew what she didn’t want, and she didn’t want to be a lady.

The hardest part was wearing heals, they were uncomfortably hard to walk and her feet hurt. But every time she wanted to quit she would look at Kisshu and that gave her the strength and will to continue.

“Ok it’s time to go. I called and paid the taxi that will take you to the place where your date is beginning.” Ryou said.

“Ok. I’m ready, but you guys know what to do, right? Using the crystal ball you will be able to see and hear everything I’m doing, and you will be able to hear my thoughts too, so please this is unique opportunity, I’m not doing this again!”

“Ok don’t worry we won’t let you mess up things.” Mint said.

“Just be careful not to lose your ring it keeps your ears and eye pupils hidden.” Lettuce said.

“By the way Vampire is already awaiting you at the restaurant, I was emailing him till now. You need to say that you have a reservation with Mister Green?”

“Don’t worry I got all of that.” She waved and got into the car. To her this was a whole new experience. She was nervous and ready to run away every second.  For the First time in her life she was happy for not being able to teleport or else she would. She swallowed hard when the car stopped and a tall man in a nice suit opened the door and gave her a hand to get out.

“Welcome young miss can I help you?” He asked.

“Yes I am meeting with a Mister Green. He is expecting me.”

“Yes I have you right here, please follow me.”

Well this is weird…She thought. Emerald relax, this crystal ball feels your tension. She heard Mint’s voice. Easy for you to say, I was never on any date, except when Tem asked me to fight together.

“Here we are miss.”

She saw Vampire he was dressed in a nice suit and had an aristocratic attitude. “I was waiting for you miss Emily. But I wasn’t expecting such a lovely lady.”

Emerald blushed this was the first time she got any compliment, from anyone. She wasn’t used to this. “You are too kind.”

“Would you like to order?” A man in a suit asked.

Mint help!!!! Are you over 20? No! Ok then order something expensive to drink for yourself and don’t even mention the food. OK.

“I’m not allowed to drink alcohol yet so I would like to order…” Aoi namida” It’s a new no-alcoholic cocktail for ladies. Drink it slowly and without emotions! … Aoi namida.

“Well the lady has very nice taste, for you sir?”

“I’m taking my favorite Vine as usual.”


“So Emily, where are you from, you are not from Japan right?”

“I’m from Europe, but I don’t have the accent because I was traveling all over the world since I was young.”

“Interesting, my father is from Romania but I grew up here. How old you are?”

“19. I turned it a few months ago.”

“Nice too bad if you were only a year older we could enjoy this drink together.”
“I think just sitting here is nice too, people can bond even without drinking. And we have our whole life for second chances.” She raised the glass just like Mint taught her.

In the café the others were sitting around one big table watching the crystal ball and hoping that Emerald wouldn’t screw this up.

“Where did all those things come from? What did you all tell her?” Kisshu asked surprised by his friend’s actions.

“We didn’t do anything, she must have already thought/felt that about herself but she just didn’t know it.”

“Great, if she stays like this Hugame you will have to erase her memories.”

“Kisshu don’t be like that, she is finally showing her girly side.”

“I know but it’s not … Emerald.”

“Guys let’s stay focused on the situation.” Ichigo said.

One hour in the restaurant Emerald and Vampire were finishing their meal.

“You know I never saw a person in better shape but with a smaller appetite.” Vampire said.

“Well I have a really small stomach.” She smiled lovingly. “I don’t eat much but I eat properly that is why. I don’t like to keep myself hungry.”

“You know I noticed that you are really very beautiful, like you are not from this planet. And your eyes.” He took her chin and made her look at him in the eyes. “Like emeralds, your skins like snow… Where were you all this time?”

Emerald was blushing this was out of her limit, she never got complimented or any of those nice things that guys do to girls, and she began to enjoy the moment. “I was on a long journey, we just never met. By the way the other girls told me that you are really fun. That you always talk about imaginary worlds, and a perfect race.”

“I see, I was drunk a few times and I said some things, but they were only a plan for books.”

“Really, good I like reading adventure books. Would you mind to tell me all about it? Or at least some parts?”

“Well if you accept to go on a walk after diner, then yes.”
“Ok.” Emerald was listening to his story, alcohol helped him to relax and give her more information. She was listening trying to remember everything even if she knew that the others were listening and watching through the crystal ball. She wanted some information for herself, and she was close to getting them.
“So that’s the story, you must think I’m crazy for being so much in the clouds.”

“No I liked it, it was really good, and it’s not bad to have your own world, especially if you are lonely or misunderstood.” She said but not acting, she really knew how hard it was to adapt to others. “Hey would you like that walk now?” Emerald don’t speed up things now! It will be suspicious! Shut up Mint!!! I had enough time with this guy I want to take these things off and run away from here!!!

“Sure let’s just pay the check.” After he did that they went out to take a walk.  The Night was a little cold and the sky became dark, it was obvious that it would rain soon. “Hey you want to see something good?” Vampire asked during the walk. “Like I said in my story if spirits could be turned into crystal here is how it would look.” He took one of the spirits from his pocket, it was a blue crystal.

Emerald’s eyes widened she remembered that Tem’s spirit was turned into a blue crystal. He was here next to her, if only he could see her right now. She was doing all of this for him.  Her eyes narrowed, her fists clenched, she wanted to hit this guy right now, right there where it hurt. No Emerald don’t do it! If you do it the others will come and kill you. I know that it hurts right now, but you must control yourself! She heard Kisshu in her head. But Kisshu it’s him, its Tem’s spirit if I attack now I might be able to save him! You would do the same thing for Ichigo!!! I would, but remember I did and I died, if you die who will save him then? His voice was calm he knew how it felt to see your beloved one being attacked and not being able to help them. Kisshu… Ok I understand. “Hey may I take a closer look just for a second. I want to know how it is holding a spirit.” She giggled, trying to fake her wish, but she wasn’t lying. Emerald don’t, it will only make this things harder for you! Kisshu yelled but she ignored it.

“Ok, but you must give it back, it’s not mine.”

“I get it; stuff always has to be returned to their original owners, right?” She put out her hand and Vampire put the crystal in her arms. Her eyes were so close to watering, holding a spirit of someone whom she loved, and who was dying, was too much, but this was the only way to feel him again. Emerald… She heard Tem’s voice he could sense her. Her lips formed a little smile, she was happy. I promise I’ll save you Tem… “Here it really is a weird crystal I almost believed it was a spirit.”

“Yeah I have three more they are unique.”

“Too bad I wanted one for myself.” She smiled and he returned the smile.

“It’s getting cold and late. We should go. I have my own ride, want me to take you?”

“Oh no I live nearby; I just used a taxi to come because I was in another part of the City at my friend’s house.”

“Oh I see well then ok. Want me to escort you?”

“No my dad is a freak and he can’t stand any boy near me. To be honest he still thinks I’m at my friend’s house.” She whispered the last sentence.

“Ok than here take my umbrella it will rain and I don’t want you to get wet.”

“Thanks, but why are you so nice?”


“I mean a lot of other guys would be happy because the girl doesn’t bother them with such things.”

“Well you are really special, I’ve liked you from the beginning I would like to see you again one day.”

That was it, it was too much information and Emerald couldn’t act anymore. This guy just opened a little and she had a mission to destroy him. “We can’t. I might sound like an idiot now but. There is someone, and right now he is in really bad shape, he might die. My friends told me to go out so I could meet someone and get him over. But I believe that he will be fine. Sorry.” She bowed.

“You really are special, well too bad. Can I have at least one kiss?”

WHAT?!!!! This is not part of the plan guys!!! Just let him kiss you, no big deal. Mint said. NO BIG DEAL!!! I’M NOT KISSING HIM. HE ALMOST KILLED ALL OF US!!!! Emerald just do it. Hugame said. NO I can’t. Tem’s spirit is right here I can’t do it. He’ll understand. Ichigo whispered. If he cares he will. This is the real test for you two. But he doesn’t like me and if I kiss Vampire he will return to Sun.  No he won’t. I know it if you were able to hear him while he was in your hands that means you two have a connection. He’ll understand. Ichigo said. Ok. “Ok. But this is a goodbye kiss.”

“Who knows maybe we will see each other one day again.” He said and pulled her close. Closing his eyes he went closer to kiss her.

Emerald shut her eyes, her heart stopped, he body frizzed, she didn’t want this kiss. She felt his lips on her own, it was short but actually a nice kiss, the last one she would get from him and the first kiss in her life. She hoped. She watched him entering the car and waving at her, and she waved back. Then using her whole strength ran back to the café.

In the café the others were waiting for Emerald to return, it was raining outside and she was a little late.

“I hope she didn’t get lost.” Kisshu said.

“You care how cute.” Ichigo teased.

“Yea if she doesn’t return soon I will have to find her and I won’t be able to stay with you.”

“You are a true friend.” Ichigo said sarcastically.

“WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS PLANET?!!!!” Emerald entered the café, she was wet and angry enough to blast a whole building into the air.”

“Wow looks like you had a date with an electrician.” Taruto said.

“I was hit by thunder, without an umbrella I had to fly here, and I almost died!”

“By what?” Taruto asked confused.

“Thunder you little bastard!!!! Now if you all will excuse me, I had the worst day in my life and I need to change!” She went into the changing room to take off her dress and make-up. She returned after a few minutes in her old clothes but she wasn’t wearing her helmet, and instead of her ponytail she had a braid. “I’m not doing this shit anymore, if you need more information use Pai, or blonde for the bait.”

“She needs some time.” Kisshu said. “And I need mine, so how about a kiss?” He nuzzled his cheek to Ichigo’s.

“Then let’s go home I’m a little tired.”

“Just don’t end up pregnant.” Emerald said with a dirty look in her eyes.”

“We are not doing that!!!”

“Well this was a hard day for us all. I’ll work with Hugame tonight, we will see what we can get from this new information. See you tomorrow, in your uniforms, vacation is over.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Shi-ro-ga-ne!!!!!” Ichigo screamed.


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